About Master Protocol Education

May 20, 2017 aims to explain the Master Protocol, its features, as well as the use of the tools that have been developed to implement those features.

Currently, the website contains video tutorials on how to use two of the existing Mastercoin wallets and on how to use to buy and sell Mastercoins. The website also collects interviews and presentations from the members of the Mastercoin project, describes how one can get involved and contribute to the development of the protocol, and what the structure and goals of the Mastercoin Foundation are. In addition to the above resources, an extensive list of FAQs about the protocol is included as well as an in-depth description of the history of the protocol and its features.

In the future, more explanations and video tutorials will be added to explain how one can use the Master Protocol wallets to exchange Mastercoins for bitcoins and other currencies, how to issue smart property or a user-defined currency. If you have any question or suggestion for the education team and its latest project, please contact us at or sign up for the newsletter of the education team at

The site does not aim to publish up-to-the-minute updates about the protocol, thats the role of the Mastercoin blog. Also, the education team and the site are not marketing arms of the Mastercoin Foundation. Instead, the team and the website aim to present information about the protocol and its development in a neutral manner for the education of the crypto-currency community.